Can Online Videos Increase Sales? ⋆ Mack & Mark™
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Can Online Videos Increase Sales?

“Our research has shown that video is ten times more likely to generate a viewer response than traditional marketing collateral and web pages,” says Ciampa. In addition, “our successful customers have seen their web traffic and conversions increase by 20% because of effective video marketing.”

Similarly, studies conducted by Treepodia have shown that when people watch –and like –a product video, they’re more likely to make a purchase. “The percentage increase varies from business to business, but a general ballpark is a 40- to 60-percent increase in the number of conversions,” says King.

“Treepodia’s own studies have shown that the mere presence of video, whether it’s watched or not, can lead to sales increases,” adds Kings, possibly due to the fact that Google includes video in its ranking algorithm, so a page with a product video has an increased chance of appearing higher in Google search results.

All that said, keep in mind that a million hits on YouTube will most likely not translate into a million dollars in sales. “Video isn’t a magic bullet,” says Scott Bell, owner of Seattle-based Media & Design. “It is another way to showcase your product and yourself. The best way for it to lead to sales is to have fun with it –don’t have a normal [i.e., boring] business video.”

Provide information that is valuable or helpful to customers and “do so in a unique and interesting way. “If you do that, customers will want to know more about your products or services or brand and, if they like what they see, be more likely to purchase from you. Though if they have absolutely no interest in or need for what you are selling, the best video in the world probably won’t change their mind.

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